James "J" Mills

James "J" Mills

Freelance Writer - Business Consult

Writer, Editor, Photographer, Adventurer - Diverse background in travel, recreation & business mgmt, development, and marketing - F & NF Author - writes under the pen name James McV.

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The Eye of the Shadow - James McV - Eclectica Magazine v15n2

There is no sound quite like the wail of an approaching gale as you sit at anchor, but if you imagine standing in a dark subway tunnel and hearing the rumbling approach of an invisible speeding train as you stand on the dark edge of the tracks, you’d be close; it rushes at you from afar, a distant wail at first, and then closes quickly filling the air with a rumbling roar that consumes all of your senses. Inside a boat the sound becomes solid, pushing, shaking, and twisting the craft as if you were contained within a ballistic missile hurtling through dark uncertain space.